Certain Relevant Passages

Publication Date: August 15, 2017

Pre-orders available from:
Dock Street Press
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Here’s what a few early readers have to say:

“Joe Manning writes with a frankness and a depth that recalls George Orwell’s account of his stint in Catalonia, but there’s an extraordinary tenderness to Manning’s prose, too – a sense that you are reading someone who is generous to mankind because he loves mankind. I read Certain Relevant Passages in one sitting. It’s such a beautiful and important book, and I finished it feeling more cracked-open to the world and its multitudes than I have in a very long while.”—Amanda Petrusich, author of Do Not Sell At Any Price

“I’ve enjoyed the clarity of Joe Manning’s writings for years. Here he offers an origin story for a state of mind and spirit, the travelogue of an American youth touring Our World (Panama Canal, North Korea, Yemen) and bringing back anecdotes of gently intense revelation.”—Will Oldham

“Certain Relevant Passages is a seagoing dream of a book. Along with Ordinary Seaman Joe Manning and the whole gnarly crew of the cargo vessel the Noble Star, I was wholly transported. Part memoir and part travelogue, Certain Relevant Passages is, finally, an elegy to that chapter of nearly all our young lives, when the world is never more strange or beautiful, and everything—even riding on the back a ship “sliding down the side of the globe”—is possible.”—Joe Wilkins, author of The Mountain and the Fathers and When We Were Birds